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Daily commitment 6/29

Just a quick, Good morning. I'm off to the gym. Had a good breakfast. I'll see if the 1/2 serving of oatmeal holds me through 2 1/5 hours of exercise.
Back later


Re: Daily commitment 6/29

Good Morning everyone!
I had a pretty good weekend. I had tried to sign up for a water walking class at the Y, but it was already full, so I stayed to watch a session and then went and put what I learned to use in my sister's pool. It feels like a pretty good workout

I made pancakes for everyone yesterday using the Bisquick reduced fat mix and sugar free syrup and they were a big hit. No one could tell that they were "weight watcher" pancakes.

It's very, very hot and humid here, but that's just a summer in Tennessee!!

Have a great day everyone!


Re: Daily commitment 6/29

Cathy, too bad you couldn't get in the class but congrats for taking what you saw and doing it on your own. I'm glad that some places limit the number of people in a class. Our water classes are so crowded that sometimes it's hard to move.
I did my 60 minutes of water aerobics, weight lifting circuit and 30 min. on the treadmill. Then I walked over a mile while shopping. Earned 5 activity points at the gym.
Have to finish a backpack that I'm making and then start packing more stuff in the camper.


Re: Daily commitment 6/29

Happy Monday to everyone!

Seems as our weight goes down, our activity needs to go up and our food intake decrease in order to keep losing. Just no way around it, is there?

Pat, hope you are getting all your things taken care of prior to your trip.

Cathy, great to hear from you again. I have been through your town (albeit on I-75, ha!) many times, even off one of the exits to a Panera Bread at least twice. Yes, it takes us about an hour to reach PF and all that outlet shopping/Dollywood fun.

I've been to the dentist for my teeth cleaning, have worked on laundry giving me clean clothes and clean linens, and now it would be nice if the rest of the house would follow suit.:) I don't think my memoirs will make any reference to my being neat and tidy.:)

My WW meeting is later this afternoon, but it won't be a weighin day for me. That will come in two weeks since I will miss next Monday. Anyway, I am doing pretty well counting points for awhile. We'll see what happens this week.

Wishing each one of you the very best for a great OP day!