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Daily commitment 6/30

Good morning. Hope everyone has a great day today. I've had my oatmeal breakfast and have a load of laundry started. Today is the day to worry about what I've forgot to pack. I always tell myself that there are stores everywhere so if I forget anything I can get it.
Food today will be whatever is in the frig so it doesn't get left for 2 weeks.
Hope you all have a great couple weeks. I don't know when or if I'll have internet access.


Re: Daily commitment 6/30

Pat, I wish you a good trip. We'll certainly miss you!

I have been on my first 30-minute walk this morning and will work in another this evening. It is good to have some morning temperatures that are cooler for a change!

Hope some other people will check in.

Wishing each of you a great OP day!

Re: Daily commitment 6/30

Hello everyone, I feel like i havent been here in forever. Couldnt get the site to pull up earilier this am.

Well It sounds like all of you had a great weekend. mine was pretty good. Fishing tournament was awesome not very many people showed up and my family only caught one fish combined but it was the time spent together that was wonderful. We headed to sioux falls after and went shopping for some new ball gloves so we can play with the kids and then went out for supper at applebees.

Sunday we hung out not much going on. Took the kiddos to the pool at night.

Monday was quite busy. After ball games and working around here I went to jujitsu with bob and met our friends afterwards and went out to eat. It was great to see them.

I did not do so well with food this week. I find that I am worrying about it so much I drive my self insane. I need to find some sort of balance. When my mouth is hurting I find I want to eat to make it go away and that is not good. someday I will find that balance. I just keep remembering habits are very hard to change. This isnt something that will happen overnite. It is a new way of life. As long as I dont give up I am still in the game.

Well today has gone well. Mowed this am, pulled and cleaned rubarb, do some work to my windows pretty soon. Ball game at 4 and then a small circus is in town tonight that the kids won tickets to. I am going walking after that.

I am headed for vacation on Thurdsay nite till sunday and wont have interenet access. I hope everyone on vacation is having a great time

Well see ya all tommorow

Re: Daily commitment 6/30

Chelsie, you are so right about finding a balance. It applies to all aspects of our lives. I think we have all been in the spot, it's the old "diet mentality" of being totally on or totally off a diet. We have to remember that this is our new lifestyle and it has to be workable day to day.
Have a good time of your vacation.


Re: Daily commitment 6/30

Chelsie, wow! You have been really busy! I don't know how you work so much into a day! Hope you have a good vacation, too.

I went to lunch with a friend who was recently widowed. We ate at a place that is a favorite for both of us. I had grilled salmon salad, not such a bad choice.:)

Finding that balance is really important. I try to plan my meals around the Healthy Guidelines, filling in what I need to reach my 18 points (since I am presently trying to see if I can lose a pound or two). It helps me to not have anything tempting around, and that is what I follow when the DGC are visiting. That way I am able to nibble and not do anything dangerous.:)