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Daily commitment - 7/1/09

Good morning, everyone. Thought I would start the thread since Patty is off for awhile. Then, Chelsie will follow for a few days. Guess I will be the only one staying home.:)

We had surprise thunderstorms during the night leaving behind nearly an inch of rain in the rain gauge. Good for the garden.

I have been on my first 30-minute walk. It was much cooler this morning, so that was nice.

Wishing each of you a wonderful OP Wednesday!

Re: Daily commitment - 7/1/09

hello, well my morning is over thank goodness it was a busy one. Now I am off to the pool havent been there in a week and it always relaxes me. Tonight will go to my metting and then a walk. Weighed in at noon and lost 1.4 yeah!!!

hope you all have a great day
op for me

Re: Daily commitment - 7/1/09

Surprise it's me from Indiana. Opened up the computer at my Mom's apartment and lo and behold someone in the building has an open wireless net. Hope it lasts. I can still use the e-tools on WW site to track my food. The trip was almost 11 hours in off and on rain. I took a thermos with oatmeal in it for breakfast on the road (Jim had choc/choc chip muffins). We stopped at Steak N Shake and I had the grilled chicken apple walnut salad. I had read about it online and knew it was 7 points. It was very good. It also had craisins and grapes in it with FF raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Mom had a pizza from Wal-Mart for supper. I figured that 1/6 of it was 9 points. She also had coleslaw but I made a lettuce salad for me. Tomorrow we will go shopping so I can get foods I need. The next hurdle is a fish fry at my sister's. Her DH fishes almost every day and it is soooo good. Guess I really need to get some walking in for AP.
Chelsie, congrats on the loss. If I come back without a gain I'll figure I'm ahead of the game.
I haven't seen my family since T-giving and nobody has said a word about my weight loss. You'd think that I'd get used to it but it always hurts.
Guess, this is enough of a book.
Nellie, hope the rain brought the temps down for you.

Take care,