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Daily commitment - 7/2/09

Good morning to everyone. I'm just getting a thread started for anyone who wants to check in and write.

It was good to hear from you yesterday, Patty. Have a good time visiting with your family.

Chelsie, didn't you mention that you will be taking a trip soon, too? Hope it will go well for all of you.

DD#1 comes in this evening for a few days. It will be good to see her.

Gotta go do some cleaning, not my favorite activity, but I need to finish what I started yesterday.:)

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily commitment - 7/2/09

Hi Nellie and others. Went for a long walk this AM. But don't think I earned enough points to cover the fish fry tonight. I can't decide if I just eat and enjoy the fish or if I pan fry in my daily oil instead of the deep fried. I'm sure my brother-in-law won't mind if I do my own thing. Went grocery shopping with my mom and got my sandwich thins and oatmeal and soy milk. Have Boca burgers for lunches now all I have to worry about is suppers at my sister's.
Hope all have a good day. We are on our way to my sister's this afternoon and will see my new great nephew for the fist time. He was born June 11. My niece and family (2 yr old son, new baby and husb) are staying at my sister's for a couple months while they have a house built. May have to walk more to get some peace and quiet. Nellie, enjoy your family while they visit.