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Daily commitment 6/23

Good morning. I'm up and going for the day. Today is another day of going to my sister's. Yesterday was fun.My great nephew is almost 2 and what a live wire. I gave him the playhouse that I'd made for him and he loved it. Unfortunately the 3 week old brother is having a hard time. His formula doesn't agree with his tummy so he was plagued with gas pains. I can certainly sympathize with that. The fish fry was wonderful. I kept some fish out and just coated it with the cornmeal mix and then used my healthy oils and sautéed them. They weren't as good as the deep fried but I managed. Today I'm making a couple side dishes to take over.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 6/23

It's good to hear from you Patty, while you are on your trip. It sounds like you are doing a good job with your planning. That is the key to success with WW.

DD#1 didn't get to leave work as early as she had hoped yesterday, so she has waited until this morning to come this direction. She should be here by lunchtime.

Have a happy Friday, everybody!