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Daily commitment 7/4

I just noticed that I dated yesterday's post the wrong date.
Anyway Happy 4th. Hope you have a good family day. I'm going to my sister's again today. Didn't do too bad with eating yesterday. Breakfast and lunch were under my control and supper was grilled chicken breast with a barley salad and a greek salad. Had a couple bites of DH's cake. Today will be turkey burger on the grill while everyone else has hots and hamburgers.I'll try to stick to the melon for dessert instead of the high fat ones that are already prepared.
Tomorrow we head to my in-laws and probably won't have internet connection.
See you when I can. Good luck to everyone with food choices and with family


Re: Daily commitment 7/4

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

Pat, sounds like everything is working out well for you as far as food is concerned. I hope your trip is a good one all the way around.:)

We are having a great day! DD#2, DSIL, and DGC will be coming later, and DD#1 came yesterday for a few days. We are filling the inflatable pool, so there should be some fun for some of us. Hey! I may even sit in the pool some.:)

Food is all planned, and there will be no problem to be OP since it was all my planning.:) Now, if I can just remember to watch portion sizes.:)

Have a great one, everybody!