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Daily commitment - July 5

Good Sunday afternoon to those of you who check in.
Hope everyone had a great 4th!

We had a good day, and since I was the one in charge of food, there were no temptations to do "straying.":)

Patty, hope you are having a good trip. I know you were going to be on the road again.

Chelsie, hope you enjoyed the week-end's activities.

Cathy, hope you will check back in and post some. I am excited that you are on this thread, because I don't usually find someone from my area!:)

There are others who have posted with us, but I have trouble catching all the names. I just hope you will come back and post again!:)


Re: Daily commitment - July 5

quick post. (Jim has found another open modem in the area, don't want to overdue my use). I'm at my in-laws in a very small town in NW Ohio. The grocery is awful. Wanted to buy a few things that were better choices for me but walked through the whole store and bought a container of Rice milk (no soy). Tomorrow we'll go to WalMart and stock up. Hope you had a good weekend. I'll see when I can check in again.