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Daily commitment - July 6

Good afternoon to everyone!

The holiday week-end is over now, and it is back to business as usual for those of you who are working. Some of you are on vacation. Here's hoping you are having a great time and are able to feel good about the food choices you have.

This has been one of those usual Mondays for me - laundry, plus some cooking. Even with leftovers from Saturday, we still need to be planning ahead.:)

Patty, hope you are able to find a better market than what is currently available for you. It was good to hear from you yesterday. I can't remember how long you are going to be gone.:(

To all of you out there - hope you are having a great OP day!


Re: Daily commitment - July 6

Good afternoon. Today I'm at the public library using their WiFi. Managed to get to WalMart and got stocked up on food for the camper. Eating isn't going real well. My MIL has no concept of healthy food. I did buy some fresh fruit while shopping this AM. I have my sandwich thins and oatmeal. Only one more supper here this week then I'll be cooking in the camper. We are in Ohio until next Tuesday so by the time we get home I'll have been gone 2 weeks with most of it when I had little control over the food. I know we always say that we can make healthy choices but when you're in someone else's home it's hard to try and make healthy choices. All you can do is make the best choices from what is available and live with the consequences.
Nellie, you must feel like you've been deserted. Chelsie should be back from her weekend away.
Talk to you when I can


Re: Daily commitment - July 6

HELLO everyone!! I am back from Vacation and was realy in the dumps last night because I didnt have much contol over my food choices as well. The little cabin was so small I dont know how we managed to fit in it but we did. It rained for the first two days so we sat in this small cabin with a ton of people, munching was inevitable!! I tried to bring my own stuff based on the menu we had preset but meals didnt always end up being what I had thought and there was not much room in the kitchen to have two cooks! so I cant even say I did the best I could. But I came home with only a 1lb gain from last wensday so I must have stayed pretty active. I did have a great time with my family swimming and boating. Now back to normal and being in control. What a wonderful feeling!!

I'll catch up on past posts and talk to u all later.

op for me

Re: Daily commitment - July 6

Hi Everyone. Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July weekend. I cooked and baked for family and friends, but managed to avoid indulging in the 15 dozen cookies I made (I have a cookie oven, so I can whip up 3 dozen in 12 minutes!). Maybe it was the fact that I was in a bathing suit most of the weekend that kept me from cheating, but I didn't gain an oz!
Has anyone ever done a colon cleanse? Some of my coworkers are going to do "Colon Revitalize". I'm a little apprehensive about those kinds of things, so I may see how they do before I join in!
Have a great week everyone!!