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Daily commitment - 7/8

Good afternoon, everyone! It is certainly a slow day on this thread. Everybody must be out having fun!:)

It has been a good Wednesday here thus far. I have sourdough bread out of the oven, DH picked enough green beans for a meal, and I have been ironing. Why do I still have fabrics that need to be ironed?!?

Clouds brought a few sprinkles of rain a couple of hours ago, but now the sun is trying to break through.

Wishing each of you a wonderful OP day!


Re: Daily commitment - 7/8


Weighed in at noon down .2 . I was happy especially after the weekend!

Started filling out job applications this afternoon. Not sure what is going to happen to my job so I thought I might just find a new one and then I wouldnt keep wondering day to day. I would take a 6 dollar paycut, got myself so stessed out with the what ifs. didnt even want to eat which is what usually happens. Broke down and cried and told myself I just cant be in contol of everthing but God is. I am a little more calm now. I know you dont all need to know this but it feels really good to say it to someone.

So now I am going to get off the computer and go do something else to get my mind of of all this.

Take care all
op for me