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Daily commitment - 7/12

Good Sunday afternoon to everyone!

Chelsie, we have three DDs, too. As they grew older, there were times they were all 3 gone to church camp, etc. at the same time. Made it really quiet at home.:)

We have had a good day thus far. DH went to UMM, and I met him for early service. Now we are working on getting food ready for a friend who has had a death in the family last week.

Missing all of you who were regular posters. Have you all gone to FB?

Hope you are having a good trip, Pat. We will be anxious to hear from you again.

Have a great OP day, everybody!


Re: Daily commitment - 7/12

Good evening. Well today was a great one. Left this am and went to my dads for dinner where my stepmother made a wonderfully opmeal for me of grilled chicken, fruit salad, potatoes and corn. I did however induldge in the homeade apple pie :)

After that we went to drop off dd at camp and then off to the taco house an awesome mexican resturant that I havent been to in years.

when I got home I picked up the other dd and she came running to me crying! I felt so loved!!! Now she dont want to leave my side!!

went for a quick 2 mile walk now I am off to bed.

Hope you had a great day!