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Daily commitment - 7/13

Good Monday morning, everyone!

Chelsie, sounds like you had a great day yesterday! Your DD was really glad to be home, wasn't she?

We had a really good rain during the night - over two inches in the rain gauge this morning!

I have begun laundry and will fill my day with assorted household chores. Seems like they are always there.:)

Hope some other folks will post with us soon.

I plan a great OP day here, and I wish the same for you!


Re: Daily commitment - 7/13

good morning everyone!

well me and dd #1 are trying on her clothes and then this afternoon we will go school shopping for a little bit.

Tonight I am making lt chicken and broccoli alfredo yummy I love it and dh dont but he wont be home tonight!!

I'm having a pretty good day, hope you are too
op for me

Re: Daily commitment - 7/13

What fun, Chelsie! Shopping for school clothes! I well-remember those days.:)

That supper sounds very good. Not sure what ours will be, but we have several things that could make use of the microwave.:)

Hello to all of you "lurking" out there!