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I was reading your post about yourself and I'm in the same boat as you. I got to goal weight but I have since gained 15 lbs back. And technically I was 15 lbs away from the weight I wanted to be when I hit goal, I just chose the highest on the WW chart to stop paying (bad idea). So here I sit needing to loose 29 lbs. I'm so discouraged and I can't figure out how to pick myself up off the floor. I don't know if I should go back to WW or just try it on my own. But technically I have been trying it on my own and I've been slowly gaining weight. What did you do to not get so discouraged and keep working toward your goal?

Re: Chelsie.....

hey lisa good to hear from you.

oh lets see what do I do to not get discouraged.

I think I realize something everytime I fall off the wagon. so it is an accumulation of the past failures that have helped me.

Not letting one meal ruin your week or your day for that matter.

knowing that even if I just gain or mainatatin that I am still doing something about it because I attend meetings.(this was a big one because when i would start to gain I would quit going.)

I have a friend that started it with me again in feb and since Apr. we have been walking partners 4-5 times a week.

A big one is knowing it is not going to happen overnight or even in a year in some cases. I have only lost 17 lbs maybe since January. This is the slowest loss on ww I have ever had but I am the most motivated this time around.

ANd the biggest one to remember is dont focus on the number. instead concentrate on all the positive changes in your life. Journaling your food is great but when I journal I have overeaten I get bummed out. so I keep a little journal aside from that. THe only thing that goes in that journal are the positive things I do. ex. I walked today when all I wanted to do was stay home. or I resisted that bag of doritos. and then if I resisted that bag of doritos 5 times that day I give it tally marks :)

For me it is a head game. I know what to do to lose the weight. I just have a really hard time telling myself no.

I recently found a quote that has stuck with me. It is Life isnt about waiting for storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain. I used to wait for things to come to me. Now I go out and get them.

I also just finished a really good book. IT is called Does this clutter make my but look fat. by peter walsh. It is hillarious. Very straight forward and honest approch to weight loss. Its main focus is are you happy?

There are alot of things that interfere with my ww in my life and ww teaches you to cope with busy lifes. That book made me realize that I dont have to make my ww cope with my life. I want my life to deal with my ww goals and choices. I have cut back on my kids activities realizing they dont need to be in 5 different things, just a few and then I need to spend that extra time with them. It is relaxful for me and no kid is going to say no to a game of uno!!

So those are a few of the things I have come to learn. Some more recent, and some way back at the begining.

As far as going to meetings or going it alone. All I can say is that I dont have the staying power to go it alone. Never have. I know I need the meetings.

Hope some of this helps!!

Take care and let me know how it goes!


Re: Chelsie.....

Thanks. All of that really helps me and I think I'll pick up that book. The base of my eating problem is finding the happiness and what I really want when as a mommy what I really want gets buried at the bottom of the pile. I keep pushing my needs aside for the needs of everyone else, but then I'm overweight and unhappy.

Thanks so much. I'll be hanging around here again!

Re: Chelsie.....

As moms we need to put our own needs right up there with our kids. I wish you luck as you begin again. Hope to see you around here more.

take care
have a great day