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Daily commitment 7/17

Good morning. I've had my healthy breakfast of oatmeal, Fiber 1 and fresh blueberries so I'm set for the day. Off to the Y in a few minutes. Need to stop at BJ's on the way home then go to get my hair trimmed. It's been 2 years since it was cut. It's down the middle of my back right now and I almost always wear it up. Jim is a fanatic for long hair. I suggested getting it cut to shoulder length and he frowned. I would like to be able to wear it down occasionally without looking like a wild woman. We'll see what happens.
The rest of the day will be cleaning the camper and repacking for our weekend trip to the Adarondak mountains in northern NY. We are going to a wedding reception on Sunday. It is supposed to be outside but rain is predicted all weekend.
Have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 7/17

Hello everyone. Well I am up but not quite funcitoning yet. My body woke up at 3 am and didnt want to go back to sleep. So I finally just got up and played around on here until dh woke up ended up reading a book till he went to work and then I was tierd so I went back to sleep for a few hours. I feel a little better now.!

Today dh had to work , first friday in a long time but only till noon. Then we will head out to check out a local camp ground. This afternoon I will pack to go camping at my moms. We also pick up dh #1 from camp and I cant wait to see her.

Congrats to everyone of their losses or maintains yesterday.

Nellie I too have found that soft shell taco. It is really good!

take care all

Re: Daily commitment 7/17

Good Friday morning to you!

Pat and Chelsie, sounds like you have a full day planned!

I have been out on a walk/jog this morning. The temperature/humidity level is quite bearable today, for once!

I will soon be out to pick up the invitations for our 40th anniversary party next month. DD#1 says we need a party, but she is not in town, so I am picking up the planning.:)

Need to spend some time in the kitchen on food to take to a covered-dish at church this evening, but I don't expect any problems there.

Have a great Friday, everyone!