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Shout out to Aimee

Hello, everyone!
It's been a long time since I've checked in.
I'm missing Uki- Is she o.k.?
I see she hasn't posted in a while either.
I'm enjoying the summer weather, getting my 5k power walks in, loving the seasonal fresh fruit- had black sweet cherries for my snack this morning.
I've been hovering at about 4-5 pounds over my goal-but have 2 weddings in Sept and plan to be at or below goal again by then.
Has anyone heard from Aimee in the last while?
Hey, Girlfriend, let us know how you're doing please.

Re: Shout out to Aimee

Hi, Uki and Aimee both post on facebook.

Re: Shout out to Aimee

LouAnne, good to hear from you. We all miss all those who used to post. Hope you stay around and post more often. We all need all the support we can get.


Re: Shout out to Aimee

Hey Lou and hello to everyone else.

I see Aimee daily on FB shes doing well..

I haven't been here in a long time also, life is busy,
I'm still on maintenance and holding 15 lbs under my goal weight. I've been doing FF for almost a year
already, and counting points for the rest of my life isn't too realistic and surely not a way to live, if I'm going to make this way my lifestyle...

My older dog Maggie will be 15 come Sept 1st and she isn't doing well at all, I thought a week ago I was going to have to make that last dreaded visit to the vet, but she rallied back.....

My young one jeni-lin is doing well, she turned out to be a great dog... we're past the 2 yr old puppy stage, and now shes a little on the human side,

I'm working and in between spending days on the beach, its another year at the shore...

Good luck to everyone whose still kicking around here.
this board really got slow. people move on to other areas of the net..... which I've done myself....