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Hi There!

I just stumbled across your website and started to look at some of your awesome recipes. Both myself and my daughter (who is 7ys) have celiac. Which means we cannot eat any type of grains other than rice. Several of your recipes ( especially the deserts) I can tweek to fit both of us! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found your site. They best part is for most of them, I can use my microwave which is a huge plus as we are in AZ and it is 115 here!

So thank you. I cannot wait to try many of these yummy creations!
Kim and Bella

Re: WOW!!

Kim, welcome to our little piece of the web. Hope you join us in posting. We usually have a thread everyday that is our daily commitment to stay OP (on plan). Most of us are on Weight Watchers but there is no rule that you can't join us if on another program. By way of introduction. I'm a 60 year old semi-retired RN, wife and mother of a 34 yo son. I've been on WW for about 2 1/2 yrs and have lost 90 pounds. I have about 10 pounds till goal.
My nephew and his sons are all celiac so I know some of the problems.