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Daily commitment 7/21

Good morning. I'm back for a couple days. Had a great weekend. Ate a little too much at the wedding reception but we hiked the Ausable Chasam in northern NY. It is basically hiking along a river with lots of stairs up and down the cliffs. It was about 2 miles long. My butt and calf muscles are still feeling the results of all the stairs. I took good food with us but let myself relax a little (maybe a little too much). I'm home till Thurs afternoon then we will be camping till Sunday.
Sounds like everyone is doing well. Glad to see Lisa back. You are a good example to us that we really do need the support of others either here or in meetings. I'm sure you will do well. We also have newbie Kimberly and and some old timers checking in. I know most people have moved to Facebook but I just can't get into it. Glad there are still some of us here.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 7/21

Good morning all! I started my bootcamp workout last night and could barely get out of bed this morning because I was so sore. I am still pretty sore but I think I'm gonna make it, lol. I plan to go again tonight. We have an all-weather quarter mile track at the high school here that is open for public use. She had me sprinting the straightaways and walking the curves. The second lap was awful but I made it through. We are going to work our way up to at least 4 laps in the next 2 weeks.
Hoping for some good results at weigh-in on Thursday but AF is visiting this week so I'm not sure how it will go.
Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 7/21

Hey everyone. Well my whole week has shot my weigh loss right down. Week before my period is always bad and on top of that some work stress. They had a big meeting today at work saying that in two weeks we will find out our fate for September. I am so emotional around this time anyway that none of that helped out. Down the hatch went the entire hershey bar! Why is it we think chocolate will make all things better? I look back now and if I would have been prepared and had fresh fruit in the fridge I would have bindged on that. I would take fruit over chocolate any day. But I have been telling myself that I dont want to have anything sitting around while I am on vaca so I ran myself dry of fruit and this is what it did to me!!

so that was how it has been Sat thru 500 today. THEN..... I got a phone call and was offered the job I had applied for last week! and even better I dont have to start til Aug 24 which is the monday after my kids start school. It worked out pretty well. No matter what happens at my current job I already have a job. I am hoping pella offers voluntary seperation with a payout which is what they did in December last year. So after that my day got much better and the seriously the first thought that came in my head was "put all your trust in me" I tend to forget we are not completly in control of our lives no matter how much we try to be. If I would remember this more often maybe I wouldnt get so worked up over all the little things. Anyway my with my spirits lifted life is looking a little brighter.

I will face the scale tommorow, learn from my mistakes, and go forward remembering that every day is a new day and while I cannot control everything, I can control what and when I eat.

Sorry for the narrative,

take care and have a great night