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Daily commitment 7/23

Good morning. What a rainy day. We are leaving after lunch for a tractor show thru Sat. I've got most of the food prepared, just have to get it in the camper.
Today is my weigh in day at WW. Got on my scale this AM and looks like I gained. It is so frustrating that I spent 2 weeks on vacation and didn't eat on plan most of the time and came back with an almost 2 pound loss. This week I haven't been perfect but mostly on plan and looks like I'm up. I'm not giving up, but it is sure confusing. Have to get back to tracking better.
Have a great weekend. See you on Sunday


Re: Daily commitment 7/23

Weight gain wasn't as bad as I expected. up 0.4. I'll make a better effort to track this week. See you Sunday.