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Daily commitment 7/26

Good morning. I can't believe that nobody posted since I've been gone. Didn't have a great weekend foodwise. I took all the right foods and had meals planned but I got into a snacking frenzy. I ate a small chocolate bar, a bag of chocolate chex and nuts mix and just way too much of the "good" foods. I got on the scale this AM and am the same as on Thursday so maybe I didn't do too much damage. I have to plan on snacking when I'm sitting all day outside. We were selling raffle tickets for 2 days at the tractor show. Don't know why I feel like I have to eat when I'm sitting for a long time, like in the car. Oh well, live and learn. We did get in some walking. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 7/26

Hi, Pat!

It has been a busy time here. We have picked tomatoes, green beans, corn, and blueberries and have been busy with the canning/freezing of them. Then, I had a UMW activity for three days in a nearby town. Not far enough away for spending the night, so I was leaving the house earlier than usual, and definitely getting home later than usual.:)

It is a big surprise to me, but I have actually picked up some jogging during my walking. It is getting easier each day! Amazing!

The coming week will be just as hectic, so it will again be awhile before I will be posting again.

Hope everyone has a great OP week!