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Daily commitment 7/27

Good morning. I think I'll be talking to myself today, but no matter. I'm OP all the way today. Off to the gym now, then shopping at Aldi's. No other big plans for the day.


Re: Daily commitment 7/27

Pat, looks like you and I are the only ones around today! It will be quiet from this corner of the world for a few days, too. I will be unable to access a computer for awhle. Wishing you the best of weeks! I have "ramped up" my efforts the past week and was down 1.2 this afternoon! That was good to see.


Re: Daily commitment 7/27

hello, I am back. Went on vacation from thursday to Monday. Got home and was just exausted. I dont think I have ever been that tierd that I just couldnt function anymore. So I layed down for a couple of hours and unpacked tonight. I'm off to bed right now but I'll see ya all on here tomorrow!