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Daily commitment 7/28

Good morning. Glad to see Nellie and Chelsie back. It's been lonely here. Had a good day yesterday foodwise. Until I had popcorn in the evening I was right on target for my daily points. I used weekly points for the popcorn. I earned 6 activity points yesterday. Managed to get some housekeeping done in the afternoon. Went to Aldi's and loaded up on produce. Had fruit salad for dessert with strawberries, blueberries and kiwi. Cut up a cantaloupe for easy eating. Made another big bowl of my new favorite slaw. Broke down at Aldi's and bought a small food processor they had on sale for 19. Worked great for grating up all the veggies.
Think today will be a sewing day after the pool.
Nellie congrats on the wt. loss


Re: Daily commitment 7/28

Hello everyone. Just got back from camping yesterday and got most of the stuff unpacked yesterday. Today I am doing laundry.

Camping was pretty fun, not as relaxing as I had hoped but my kids just ran all over and I had to keep track of them. It was great to get away though!

food didnt go very well and I am sure I will pay for it at the scale tommorow. live and learn again! sometimes it is just too much work when you dont have a fridge or anything to store your stuff in you just have to eat what is there.

Tommorow I go to a meeting at my current job to see what they are going to offer us employes on layoff after september. I am hoping for a voluntary seperation a few weeks pay. That is what they offered last December. Either way I start my new job in about 3 weeks so all is good there.

now if I can just start making healthy choices!! :)

well I am off to the pool with my kids.

take care and we will see ya tomorrow!