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Daily commitment 7/29

Good morning. A really quick post. I'm off for an all day orientation for my job. Have to go through this every year even tho I've worked for them for 7 years. Lunch will be provided so I'll do the best that I can.

Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 7/29

hey everyone. Well I gained 2 which is better than the 5 that it had been on Monday when I got home!!! Life will get back to normal now.

had a meeting at my job today and they are offering seperation so I will get a 5 week payout when I leave. I was hoping for something like that so that is good. I am on my way to another meeting to talk about some help with schooling that they may be able to provide. so well see what will happen.

Wondering if any of you are getting an alert on your computer when you come to this site. I started to about a week ago.If I am MIA for a little while it will be because of that and trying to figure out what on the site is making my virus alert go off.

until take care and have a great summer.

patty hope lunch went well for you.