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Op August 2

hey everyone looks like we are all busy busy this weekend! Friday I enjoyed a wonderful day at the waterpark with my family. Saturday we went to a fishing tournament in the morning. DD 2 won a fishing pole so now we have two. I slept like a bear in hibernation all afternoon. My body just needed the rest I guess. Saturday nite was spagetti then movies. Today I was lazy most of the morning enduldging in a bath and a book. around 11 I got going and cleaned the whole house with the familys help. Hubby mowed and cleaned out the garage. After supper I took dd3 to the pool since she is to young to go on her own. and After I write this I will sit down and enjoy my book again. Tommorow I watch my nephew.

I am determined to enjoy my last three weeks home before I start my new job.

I have been having a hard time doing any of my ww. Wether it be counting points or core. I find that if I do points I become obssesed with it. It almost seems like to much sometimes.
For the past week and a few more I have focused on making healthy choices. I havent counted or weighed a thing. I find I am not as obssesed about how much I can have, or whether or not I can have a peice of fruit because I dont want to use my extra points. But most of all it has stopped me from binging. when I overeat most of the time it is a downward spiral until something turns it around, maybe a look on the scale or a meeting. But for the past week I havent had that. well see if it continues to go well. Everyone does it different I guess and I am just trying to find my way.

well im off to read my book

take care