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Daily commitment 8/5

Good morning to anyone reading this. Looks like everyone else who usually posts is busy. I'll make this short by saying that I'll be OP today. Heading for the gym. Weigh in is tomorrow.

Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 8/5

Hey pat hope your day went well at the gym. Sometimes there is nothing like a good workout.

I spent the day with my kids. dd1 got an open sore on her face after running into a wall last night so she couldnt go to the pool and dd3 was grounded for the day so she couldnt go either!

Spent the afternoon baking bars for my husband . His favorite are kickapoo with oatmeal, pb, and coconut. It is our 9th anniversary today but we have plans for this weekend instead so we grilled some burgers and had sweet potatoes tonight.

weighed in today and lost 1.2 not near the 5 that I have gained recently but at least it is headed in the right direction.

off to the couch for now, hurt my back from jujitsu last night.

see ya later