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Re: Daily commitment 8/12

well vacation has sure caught up with me, I gained 2.4 this morning for a total of 6 lbs gain in the past couple of months. I said in may I would be happy if I even made it though summer at the same weight as the beggining so I am sticking with that attitude.

I am still trying to make as healthy decisions as possible and not worry so much about the points. I have walked again today so my excercise is done. This winter I am looking forward to joining a fitness center just for a little something different and I thought It wouldnt be so bad to incorporated some weights.

Food is going well agian today, I had potatoe with broccoli and cheese and an apple for dinner. I am stuck for supper right now nothing is coming to mind. oh well I will figure it out as the day goes I guess. I am off to the pool. Last day to go for me since I have a garage sale tommorow and dentist appt. Friday.

Have a great day pat.

Re: Daily commitment 8/12

Good afternoon ladies!!! I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive :O) I weighed in a little bit ago and lost .2 this week. I was surprised because I was sure I was going to see a gain after not exercising and eating like crap for 4 out of the 7 days, but I guess the eating right and exercising my tail off for the other 3 days paid off a bit. I got another 5 lb star today for 20 pounds (39 since I started on my own). I have exactly 1 pound left before I get my 10% award. Really hoping for next week!!!