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Daily commitment 8/13

Better late than never. Brooke it was good to see you again. It has been lonesome here with just Chelsie and me.
I went to WW today and was pleased with a 2 pound loss. That makes 91.5 total. My average loss per week has only been 0.3 since June so very slow.
Got a note from Nellie. She still gets security warnings when she tries to get on this site. She is doing good. Sunday is their 40th anniversary and they kids are having a party at church for them.
I'm sure loving all the fresh produce lately. Tonight had corn on cob, squash, peaches and blueberries. Now is when I love Simply filling. Don't have to measure all the fruit.
Have a great rest of today and tomorrow


Re: Daily commitment 8/13

Good evening, been gone all day at a garage sale so this is the first chance I've had to post. Went well food wise, and made a little money too. Now I am off to bed, got the dentist tommorow.

Good job on the losses guys!!