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Where has everyone gone?

I rarely posted on this site but read it quite a bit and enjoyed seeing how everyone has been doing it is so sad to see this site go to the wayside where has everyone gone uki,pattypurple nellie did everyone join a facebook or something?

Re: Where has everyone gone?

I think many of the regulars on here joined facebook and so did Aimee. I didn't post often but enjoyed visiting this site. By looking at the number of people that viewed your post there are still prople visiting, just not posting.

Re: Where has everyone gone?

How do you get on facebook?

Re: Where has everyone gone?

Go here:

You can read more about it.

Re: Where has everyone gone?

For some weird reason, my computer has not allowed me to access this site. I just thought I would try it today to see if anything had changed, and voila! Here I am. You have probably all gone to Facebook by now, though, and that isn't something I will try.

Just wanted to touch base with anyone who checks in.


Re: Where has everyone gone?

Onto Facebook. But the crappy thing is that all of my friends can see what I'm up to so I don't post weight loss stuff. This site was better for that. My leader at my meetings started a facebook page though and that will be good I think.

Re: Where has everyone gone?

I just popped in to see if anyone was still here. I miss everyone. I joined Facebook but it isn't the same. Nellie, good to see you back here.
I've had a frustrating few months of loss and gain. I was at 95 lbs. lost and then gained 5 pounss over the last 2 weeks.
Maybe I'll lose this week since I'm sick with something. I've spent the day eating chicken soup and oatmeal and drinking tea.
I'll try to stop in more often. Maybe we can get us up and running again.


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