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New here and love it!

I'm not new to WW. I lost 75 pounds a few years ago and slowly but surely gained back all those lovely pounds and then some! I started again for the last time on December 14. In looking around for new recipes, I found several references to this site. Man am I glad I visited. I was just looking for recipes, but I was so inspired by Amiee's story. I have 130 pounds to lose and it's so great to see that it actually can be done by real people with real lives eating real food. I had my weigh in today and I'm down 19.2 pounds and majorly motivated to keep up the good work. It will be so much easier with all these great recipes and the inspiration. Thanks so much!!

Re: New here and love it!

welcome tina . i am new here too and also have gained back after a big loss. i lost 80 lbs and have gained back 45 so i am working at it again since jan 1. have lost 9 lbs and feel good about that. i know my problem is that i did not look at this as a lifestyle change. was only thinking of it as something i could do and then go back to my old ways and now i know that is not true. it is something i will have to do for the rest of my life- it is not optional. lesson learned. andra

Re: New here and love it!

Hi Andrea and Tina..I got below my goal about 20 years ago with Diet Workshop. It was too hard to stay there since every recipe they gave you had to do with the products they sold. Everything you made cost you a bundle and after awhile you just couldn't afford it anymore. So 4 years ago I made my goal (actually was 10 below my goal) at Weight Watchers and I have been trying to stay below and just keep the weight off. Well, I'm right at goal so I want to get those 10 off again and be below my goal...I have been really good since Jan. 1st so I'm on my way to taking it off. I feel the best when I'm the 10 below, at least my joints do...Take care and we can all do this together...So can aimee ....( I can say that, I'm her Mom... :)