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Sell your cookbook?

Hi all

New here to the site and love it, it is sooooo helpful, and a great source of inspiration. Alot of really great recipes, I've tried a few (having crockpot rotessiere(sp?) chicken for supper tonight.

Wondering if anyone is interested in selling their cookbooks. The site does not ship to Canada, which is where I live. I will cover the cost of postage of course. I would like a copy of both her cookbooks, but will settle for whatever I can get. Thanks so much. You can email me at flbutler@sympatico.ca.


Re: Sell your cookbook?

Still no takers? I really would love these cookbooks, but I live in Canada! I can paypal money to you or send MO. Thanks everyone.

Re: Sell your cookbook?

Lori, just a comment..maybe you could post your email address, maybe someone will contact you...

Re: Sell your cookbook?

Sorry, Lori, I didn't see you email address. You might want to give aimee a couple days, she is really busy. Maybe she will contact you...

Re: Sell your cookbook?

Hi Lori, I just sent you an email.