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Do you have to be a member of ww to join your group?

Re: newbie

I'm not a member, but I put my 2 cents in from time to time. I don't think it really matters as long as you're supportive and dedicated like we all are :)

Re: newbie

No, but we mostly talk about weight loss...

Re: newbie

Hi Terry,
You don't have to be a member of Weight Watchers to join in. Everyone is welcome to post here.

Re: Re: newbie

Thanks to all that answered and wow, im excited I can hang out here for my journey. The last (and only) time I was on a message board was when I quit smoking!So now, its message boards, and weight loss. As with quiting smoking, I learned to learn every thing about my addiction and get in touch with my feelings.
So far I have read Dr.Phils 7key book which taught me so much.
I read every where that support is a must in nailing this weight problem(among the other things)
Thats why Im glad I can be here because I don't have much support at home. I have went from 189 to 170 from aug 1, to the present, and my mother in law thinks I don't look healty, my husband once asked me (stemming from my mother in laws comment) how much I had lost, I told him, and he said nothing.
I am 5'2 and according to the charts, I still have a ways to go.
All my life I have taken care of everyone else. After I turned 50, things have changed I realized that my life is getting shorter every day and Im taking care of ME now! I do not make excuses why Im not at the gym. I go 3 times a week, lothed it at first, but now I feel deprived if I don't get there. It was hard not seening any results, but once the weight finally started to come off it was alot easier going because I like what I see. I actually like looking at myself now? Sound concieted but it was hard work getting here, so guess I deserve to feel good about myself (no matter what my mother in law thinks..... ha ha)
Sorry this is so long, guess I've just been waiting for a while to blab this all to someone...thanks for listening!