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Breastfeeding while on WW

Has anyone done WW while they were breastfeeding? I am nursing a 7 month old and I would really like to lose some pregnancy weight before the summer. Did you notice a decrease in your production?


Re: Breastfeeding while on WW

Hey, I have never did it myself but I did WW way back in 2000 and I still have, use and like the old points system better because I did best on it.I don't know if the newer ones has it but the old Getting Started book has a section for nursing women that says "it's a good idea to get specific advice from your Dr. if you notice you milk supply is decreasing." And it says that you have to eat more points.

Re: Breastfeeding while on WW

If you go to meetings ask for a special handout for "Nursing Moms". Nursing Moms are giving more daily POINTS. Also require more milk servings.
The program is a little different for nursing moms than a regular member.

Please speak with your Doctor if you are having a decrease in production.

IMO If you are eating healthy and enough and baby is nursing often you should be producing what is needed.

Re: Breastfeeding while on WW

i have a getting started book. on pg 45 the chart says for nursing moms to use this chart
less than 150 lbs 30 pts
150 to 174 lbs 32 pts
175 to 199 lbs 34 pts
200 to 224 lbs 36 pts
225 to 249 lbs 38 pts
250 to 274 lbs 40 pts
275 to 299 lbs 41 pts
300 to 324 lbs 42 pts
325 to 349 lbs 43 pts
hopes this helps i am nursing mom of a 5 month old and i have no problem with less milk. just make sure you drink plenty of water and lose only 1 or 2 lbs a week according to my doctor.

Re: Breastfeeding while on WW

I am on weight watchers and I nurse...you get ten more points a day then what you normally did. I did not notice a decrease....I've been on ww's for 5 months now and nursing the entire time.