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on the go food

my husband drives concrete truck and can not sit down for a lunch break everyday and eats in his truck alot. but does not know what to eat for lunch and snacks because sometimes he will work 10 or 12 hrs. also he does not have time for a sit down breakfast because he goes in to work real early and is not hungry. so he will stop at a gas station and get choco milk and cookies.

Re: on the go food

Pick up some fat free wraps at Walmart (1 pt. each) and make him a wrap for lunch....just add some turkey or ham, cheese, veggies and pickles and he should be good to go.

Re: on the go food

There is a lot you can do! Some days I am at work for a good 9 hours or so- I pack my little cooler with waters, a diet soda, carrots, grapes, a banana, pickles, and a sandwich - all is very portable. I do this the night before so I am not rushed in the mornings!

I also have a long commute in the morning and I was always rushing out the door and going through the drive thru for an Egg McMuffin, because I could eat it on the road. Now I make my own, using the Egg and Muffin Toaster you see in the store. It is great. I make my breakfast with egg whites, 2 %cheese, Canadian bacon and a English muffin. I just wrap it all up and take it with me. It is so good and the machine paid for itself in like 2 weeks of McDonalds Eating. Hope this helps!

Re: on the go food

Don't forget Lays Fat Free or Pringles Fat Free chips as well as the plethora of 100 cal prepackage snacks out there from Hershey's Dark Chocolate to Lorna Doone's Short bread cookies (2 pts... my hubby and I love those...) Yogurt, and sliced deli meats --- turkey and ham, mozarella string cheese, tossed salad, fruit, celery and carrot sticks...

Not having a microwave does cut down on the choices... soup in particularly...