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need to stop eating the kids snack food

i run a daycare out of my home. so i have snack food for the kids. how do i not eat the snack food. most of it is healthy but are also some cookies, poptarts, ect. all the yummy foods with sugar.

Re: need to stop eating the kids snack food

I'm not sure if this helps...but why stop eatting it b/c then you'll just want it more. They have 100 calorie snack packs that are two points each...I have grasshopper cookie ones and sandie cookies. They are great pre packaged so I don't eat more then i should and taste great.

Oh and another way to snack and not be bad....fat free pringles are great 1 pt for 14...even if you eat the enitre can its only 6 pts. You wouldn't even know they are fat free.

Re: need to stop eating the kids snack food

I have the same problem and I definitely find it easier with those 100 calorie snack packs. I've also been keeping popcorn cakes and fresh veggies on hand. That seems to help too. My son grazes almost all day and it sometimes seems impossible not to munch along with him.

Re: need to stop eating the kids snack food

This is SOOO me! I don't keep alot of snack food in the house.. because I know my weaknesses. But, I found myself taking a bite or two of my son's chicken nuggets today. UGH! I don't want to use my points on chicken nuggets! lol. So, I have decided that if chicken nuggets aren't good for me to eat.. then they aren't good for my son, either. I want to teach him to eat right, too.

The 100 calorie packs sound like an option I need to consider. I get a craving for something sweet and nothing seems to satisfy it except some sort of sweet carbohydrate. The ff pringles are a good tip, too.

Thanks to you all!


Re: need to stop eating the kids snack food

I love the hundred calorie packs. I am a teacher so there are always goodies in my classroom and pizza on fridays in the cafeteria, and chicken nuggets on Mondays, ect.

I have just really planned -When the kids have snack- I have a snack in my lunch bag, and I pick things I love. My lunch box is packed with easy to grab food and snacks - fruits, veggies, baked chips ect. My new find is from laughing cow - ( the triangle cheese people). It is called baguettes and cheese. THEY ARE ONE POINT!! It is like a Handi snack, little bread sticks (you get 5) and a well of creamy cheese. YUMMY and ONE POINT! -- Did I mention they are one point! Good Deal.

Re: need to stop eating the kids snack food

thank you all!!
looks like a trip to walmart for 100 calorie packs and ff pringles for snack time. and of course the usual fresh fruit and veggies.