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on the poor mans turtles?

i'm new to dieting and really i'm not the one dieting my dear hubby is.He needs to lose about 100 lbs.and he has the want to but gets down really easy so we are trying this on a different line. i have read alot on weight watchers and thought it would be a great thing for the whole family.to eat heathly that is. so i know i will have alot of ? ladies so please be patient with me. first of all we need menu's on another sight it said he can have 42 points a day not sure if that is right or not. so the ? here on the turtles is how many does each turtle count? i need to go to grocery store and pick up a few things for him to make his breakfast and lunch since he does them on the road.thats where i think he loses the want to and at nite in front of the t.v. and suggestions here on this..


Re: on the poor mans turtles?

The ones from this site are 1 point each.
I am thinking of making a bunch to take to my WW meeting this week.