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grocery night, whoohoo

Well, tonight is grocery night and boy is my list long. I've seen alot of new recipes here that I would like to try. And of course I am planning on the 1 point chili recipe for Sunday's game. I read someone post something called "Western Bagels" that are one point? Can I get those at any Super Wal-Mart or just select areas?

Re: grocery night, whoohoo

They have them in Vancouver, WA but I don't believe every SWM carries them. I would call before making a special trip. You can order them on line at westernbagel.com as well.


Re: grocery night, whoohoo

western begal also has 1 pt pitas and english muffins they are soooo good and worth the money. i order mine on line.

Re: grocery night, whoohoo

Thanks for the info guys. Guess I will have to order online because my wal-mart does not carry them. I did find the Ling-ling egg rolls and the low-fat flat bread, so I picked those up. I also got the Sara Lee Deliteful bread. I want to say thank-you to whomever it was that posted these Wal-Mart items.