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Creamy Chicken Mignon?

The link has been down for quite some time...I was wondering if you could fix it so I could take a looksie at it? Thanks!!

P.S. How are you doing lately? I know you've been sick and it seems EVERYONE is getting sick here so I hope you're better!

Re: Creamy Chicken Mignon?

Hi Brittany,
Sorry, I never realized the link wasn't working. It's fixed now. :) Thanks for letting me know.

I'm feeling better now (for about a week). I still have some sinus, but I don't feel like death anymore. LOL! I don't think I've ever been sick that long before. I just hope it's over. :)

Re: Creamy Chicken Mignon?

Thanks for fixing it! Looks good :)

I get sick ALL the time, so I'm surprised I finally got sick about a week ago...normally it hits me hard before this time! And I'm not even that bad right now...perhaps its an omen of what's yet to come??

Glad to hear you aren't feeling like death anymore at least!!