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weight loss

Hi Everyone.
I really just started going back to meetings on Jan 24th. I weighed in yesterday and lost 8.8lbs (of course the first week is the best). I was told not to expect that every week because we all know that is water weight. But I was just so excited. I still have about 75-80 to lose but I feel good about it. Have a good day girls.

Re: weight loss

Congrats! Don't you wish it was as easy as the first week? The weight loss is so good. I lost 14 pounds in 14 days, and was wishing it could just continue. The last 2 weeks hasn't been nearly so great. Pretty much bouncing between a couple of pounds. But I'll keep on plugging away. Keep your motivation strong and you will do great!

Re: weight loss

Wow Congratulations! That's great! :)