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enjoying a great lunch....anyone else

I am having the best lunch today! I have a couple of the one point flat breads. I used six slices of turkey breast (1pt), 1/2 slice of ff swiss cheese (1/2 pt) and loaded with tomatoes, pickle, and red leaf lettuce. Add those to my 2pts worth of pretzels and I have an extremely filling 7 pt. lunch. Mmmm, it's going to be a good day! What's everyone else having?

Re: enjoying a great lunch....anyone else

That sounds good. :) I like to make pizza with the flat bread.

I'm having a really busy day, so I ran through Wendy's earlier and got a grilled chicken sandwich on a regular bun (instead of the big bun it comes on), along with a small chili and lite lemonade. Then about an hour later I was craving something sweet, so I had a WW sweet and salty bar for 2 points. I'm trying really hard this week. So far so good. My focus this week is to just stay within my points. I haven't been doing too well in the area lately (especially at night). I'm trying to leave extra points for night time since I stay up so late. I just can't go to bed hungry. Last night I had a small packet of oatmeal about an hour before I went to bed. I'm might have hot chocolate tonight, depends on what kind of points I have around 2 AM. LOL! I'm hoping I can get some exercise in too, but if I just can't, then I can't. I'm not going to stress over anything this week. :)

Re: enjoying a great lunch....anyone else

I have been having Campbell's Chunky soup for lunch lately. Today it was Beef Barley. And then a crisp Granny Smith apple. Comes to about 400 calories. I also love the Bean & Ham, with maybe an orange. There's some fiber for ya!

I have also been liking the new higer protein snack bars that are available. The South Beach Peanut Butter or the Chocolate & Oats. There is also the FIBER ONE bars, which are also good. I find that having one curbs my sweet tooth, and sticks with me because of the protein. Great late night snack also to help keep my blood sugar from crashing at nite.

Another of my favorite 'cheap' snacks is the 60 calorie jello puddings and 10 cal. jellos. Chocolate fix!

Re: enjoying a great lunch....anyone else

I have been searching for FF cheese slices for sandwiches to no avail. (I don't mean the wrapped slices from Kraft)

I can only find Heidi Ann Swiss reduced fat at the deli and nothing with the pre-packaged cheeses...

Re: enjoying a great lunch....anyone else

Terri - that sounds really good!! I was on the run, so I went to Subway. I got a 6 inch turkey sub with mustard and loaded it with veggies. Only 5 pts and very filling. Aimee's recipe for philly cheese steak sandwich is also very filling and low points - about 3, I think.