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2nd shift

Hi, I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone has the same problem that I am having. I have been losing weight for a year now and have lost about 60 to 70 lbs, but now for the last two months the scale wont move, it is stuck on 150 lbs. I also have a problem with my eating schedule because I dont get up in the morning till 10 or 11, I do eat oatmeal when i get up, but then I have to fix my husband and I something to eat before we go to work, which is about 12 or 1 when we eat lunch and then I pack a meal for my dinner at about 7. So by the time I get home which will be 1 in the morning I am starved and have a problem with wanting to eat before I go to bed at 2 or 3. Then I even wake up sometimes in the middle of my sleep hungary again. I try to not eat anything bad when I get home from work but I cant seem to eat enough or have time through the day or evening to get 18 to 24 points in that time frame. I am 50 years old and like I said weight 150 lbs and am 5'4 so I would like to lose at least 20 more lbs. I have been trying to exercise more but not much is working-- anyone have any ideas?? Thanks!

Re: 2nd shift

I used to work second shift and I would get hungry too. However I wouldn't be hungry for several hours after I got up...so I would just wait till I was hungry to eat.

You could eat more veggies and 0 point things so you have more points for later in the day. But I know what you mean about just feeling like you need to shove food in...I get like that too...and it irratates me...I guess habbits are hard to break.