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I love this!

Well I just want to say I love WW. I havent cheated at all. I went and bought the DDR supernova because I saw that Aimee does it. It seems really hard to do. I am going to tackle it though!:)

I have a few things to say and ask. One is I am so happy to have found this site... I have used so many recipes already and I have only been on WW for a week....Dropped 2 lbs so far!!! And only exercised once. My problem used to be snacking at night and at work. I am a home health CNA and when she goes to bed I am tempted to snack. But seeing these recipes helps.

My question is this...when something is 0 points for instance ff cool whip...it has 20 calories and thats it...its 0 points....not if you want more than one serving does that mean you have to add the calories...so if you wanted the whole thing it would be 400 calories? Hope this made sense!!!

Re: I love this!

Hi Kristi! Welcome to WW. It is THE program. It might get tempting at times to do something else, but this program is really it.

Something I have done about night snacking...during the week I do not eat after 8. I just had to draw a line and not go past it. It's really tempting at times, so I chew gum, it helps a lot, and I usually end up getting most of my water in! :)

As for the points question, I'm not really sure, but what I do is count the total points of what I'm eating, so if I ate two servings I would use my points slider to find out the points for the two servings. This, sometimes, will work in your benefit, because something may be 2 points for one serving, but only 3 for two. It works against you too I guess:), if you eat a whole tub of Cool Whip in one setting I would then count all the calories. I don't really know if this is official but that's what I do.

Re: I love this!

Hi Kristi,
DDR is a lot of fun isn't it? I do suggest if you haven't done it before, that you go through the lessons before jumping right in. It will help get you use to where to jump/step with the correct foot, etc.

As far as zero point foods go. 1 serving might be zero, but if you eat more than 1 serving, you'll have to add up the total calories, fat and fiber, then figure the points from there. :)