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im new to this web site

hello...im currently at 220...been on this weight loss journey for the hundredth time....ive never been this heavy...but for the last three years i havent seen under 200 hundred pounds..im working on it though..i would love to lose 20 pounds by march 20th...or at least real close to it..ive been exericeing and in the last two months i lost 6 pounds..so i started out at 226...and went on the weight watchers message board and alot of them wasnt to friendly because i didnt do the ww program...i explained i couldnt really afford it write now...talking and sharing and encouraging seems to help me thats why i went there...we all were tryin for the same thing weight lost...but someone gave me this web site and said people was friendly here so ...now i am here...i am eating healthier and smaller portions..i would love to see a weight lose of 2 pounds per week...so i was looking for tips and good friendly asvice...and congrads to the ones that are losin...and keep it up to the ones who are trying!!!

Re: im new to this web site

I'm not doing the WW thing either, but have done it way too many times before! I still follow their basic theories of eating. No forbiddens, just portion control. I think this site has some great recipes and motivation whether you are a WW member or not! Good luck on your weight loss journey!

Re: im new to this web site

Welcome Nae! Glad to have you with us. :)