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workout advice

Hi Everyone
I just brought a treadmill to work out on in the mornings before work. Can anyone give me suggestions about how to tone upper body, waist, bust love handles? I just don't want to tone up my legs and be round in the middle. Any advice would help. Thanks.

Re: workout advice

When I was walking alot I would use the weights that you strap on to you wrist they come in 1 pound weights and up. I would move my arms up and down like I was power walking to help tone my arms. I also got an ab ball to do ab work at home. To help with the mid section. The only other thing I had for working out at home was a thera band which helps you with resistance and you can work arms and legs and even mid section. These items usally come with a sample exercise pamphlet to help you get the idea. Also when you walk on the tredmill you can try to concertrate on holding your abs in. "Pulling your belly button to your spine" to strengthen you core muscles and make your abs stronger.

Re: workout advice

plus, once you've gotten your heart pumping, your metabolism revved, and you'll feel better all over, which, i know for me, helps motivate those 50 morning crunches.

Re: workout advice

I'm looking in the classifieds for a treadmill. I used one to help me lose almost 100 pounds before. Now I have a hard time exercising, but figure if I had one right here in the room with me, I might get on it and get going, just a few minutes at a time to start.

Good luck on your workouts. Hope you find something that works for those spots. Just doing the power walking on the treadmill, you will be surprised how it gets your belly and love handles too. Use long strides that you can feel the pull in your stomach.

Re: workout advice

Maybe you can try some exercise videos for toning.
They usually require several sets of dumbells.
I usually alternate treadmill and toning videos.

www.collagevideo.com is an awesome source for workout videos.
Some of the better ones for toning are "The Firm".
You can get most of them on collage, but they also have their own website, www.firmdirect.com.
Cathe Friedrich's videos are awesome too, but they're very intense and she doesn't give much queueing for beginners.

I think if you have Netflix or Blockbuster's mail-rental, they have some videos that you could rent to try out.

Good luck -- toning is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism!