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Food Finds with reviews

I got these all from SWM after reading about them on the different message boards out there.

Mrs. Freshley's SnackAway creme filled chocolate cupcakes
2 points
They reminded me of the Hostess chocolate cupcake with the squiggle on top. Iwould definitely buy these again

All-Bran Crackers MultiGrain
18 crackers-high 2 points
They reminded me of wheat thins but with a little bit more blah taste. But, I kept eating them so they weren't disgusting. I won't buy them again.

Weight Watchers Yogurt Amaretto Cheesecake flavor
1 point
Reminded me of cream and cherries blended together. Yum! I am definitely buying more of these.


Re: Food Finds with reviews

I forgot to mention that I also purchased the "3 Cheese Rigaton" by Lean Cuisine. This said 4 points but was right on the 5 point line of my slider. I just had that for dinner and iw was worth 5 points, even more. Yum! I will be stocking up on this entree

Re: Food Finds with reviews

That is "3 Cheese Rigatoni."