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having a blahhh day

well i went to the ymca for my morning thirty minute exercise....they have this thing now called womens center tryin to be like curves was but not quite there...well my exercising didnt go to well...i didnt wanna be there at all..so i didnt put much into it...somethin snapped in side my brain yesterday sayin i am done with this....i dont wanna stop tryin to lose weight but that possitive attitude i was havin went out the door yesterday and i hate that...i been readin nutrition stuff all day tryin to get me back in the mood....i am just needy for encouragement...for something to work i dont expect my weight to fall off at once i just wanna see better results...so please if you got some sucsess stories i sure could use them.....

Re: having a blahhh day

Don't give in to the urge to give up. I know I have had a few of these days (I have been doing WW for five weeks now). At this week's WI I had gained a pound (the Monday after SuperBowl was my excuse). And I was pretty down in the dumps about it. But then my husband says this morning (out of the blue) that he can tell I am losing weight! He said he could definately tell a difference, no matter what the scales said. That really made me feel like I was actually making progress. I have to keep reminding myself that this will be a slow and steady process and just keep on going! I am sure that you can do it too...you just have to get past those rough days. Good luck to you!

Re: having a blahhh day

heres whats keeping me on track. do you remember how good and cute you felt when you were thin? I can't wait to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe! I keep saying this, even tho it will probably be seven months (if all goes well!) before i can spend a large quantity of my hubbys cash on clothes! hang in there, just eat to live, not live to eat.