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LC Chicken Teriyaki and Cocoavia snack bars

I really liked the Lean Cuisine Chicken Teriyaki entree. It is 5 points and has lots of rice and an ok amount of chicken. There are some snap peas amd red peppers. The sauce could have been a little stronger flavored, but was still good. I will buy this again. I found this variety at Albertson's.

I also tried the CocoaVia snack bars suggested by Hungrygirl.com. They are $5 per box for 5 bars. So, $1 each (which I think is too much.)They looked like something out of a cat box and I don't think they could have tasted much better. I am throwing the rest out. Now I will tell you what I really think. LOL. I would recommend Chewy butterfinger flavored bars and Kudo's Snicker flavored bars for 2 points hand down over the CocoaVia.


Re: LC Chicken Teriyaki and Cocoavia snack bars

Nancy, my favorite bars are the Gnu Fruit and Fiber bars. They are packed with fiber, low in sodium and not too sweet. I'm online on auto delivery... I also like the new Fiber One bars which have 9 grams of fiber.. They are much sweeter, more like a candybar...