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ok girls need some info here plz

ok ..i went to the ymca as i usually do every morning...and today i walked on the treadmill...i burned 100 calories...so my question is...if 3500 is 1 pound and i only burn 100 a day on the treadmill..then how in the world am i gonna lose a pound a week?hope everyone is doin well...and if meg reads this thx for ur last reply....goodluck girls!!!!

Re: ok girls need some info here plz

EVERYTHING you do burns calories. Walking to the bathroom. Breathing. Digesting. Picking up your kids toys. Your body burns calories just to function everyday. Lowering your caloric intake and then adding an hour of exercise each day is changing the ratio of the calories you expend and store. It's just like a checking account, if you spend more than you deposit, your balance is going to go down. Just like weight.