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Printed list of food values Points

I am very new at this but i love this site...Is there such a thing as a printed list of food points...everytime i have a food, i have to run to computer to look up the point value..If i had a list i could plan alot better...Thanks

Re: Printed list of food values Points

Hi Joyce,
I know a big list exists out there somewhere. I just can't remember which website. You might want to check Dotti's site (www.DWLZ.com) and see if she has a list. Do you have a points calculator (slider)? I've found the best thing to do is just look for foods you like (or wonder about) and figure up the points. Then you can decide if you want to stick it into your grocery cart or not. I've even marked the points on the outside of a package before I stick it in the cart (as long as you're buying it, it's no big deal). Even if you find the list you're looking for, double check the points. They've been known to be wrong, and sometimes they're outdated (company's change the formulas for their food sometimes). Hope this helps.

Re: Printed list of food values Points

at my meetings, they sell the books with the pts listed. i forget how much i paid, but its been worth every cent. i also recommend the restaurant one

Re: Printed list of food values Points

I have a question about figuring out the points for different foods...

When the calculator asks me for fat, does that mean saturated fat? Or Overall fat?

I am a newbie to WW and have REALLY gotten alot out of reading these posts...this site is the BEST and friendliest I've seen so far...

Love y'all!

Re: Printed list of food values Points

Hi Vanessa,

It's overall fat grams, not just saturated.
Good to have you!

Re: Printed list of food values Points

Thanks sooo much!

I REALLY appreciate your reply...

It's a little confusing at first to start figuring out point values, counting my points, etc.
But I am catching on quickly and LOVING my new lifestyle!

Love Y'all!!!