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Exercise Question

Hello. . . I see that a lot of people are using tread mills for their exercise. Any suggestions on how to liven it up? I'm curious as to what other people do. I spoke with a friend who regularly works out and she suggested switching programs to vary the walk. Another thing she mentioned was doing intervals (i.e., 1 minute regular pace, 1 minute fast). I think that I might try that. What does everyone else do?

Re: Exercise Question

Well I have been walking 1.5 miles each night since the first of the year. I'm lucky to have a treadmill that I can program to what I want. I warm up for 5 min, the my program I have made for myself is switching from elevations of 6 to 10 and speeds of 2.4 to 3.0..My heart rate goes from 120 to 144, I think I'm in my target heart range...It takes me 5 min. to warm up...30 min. to do the program and 5 min. to cool down for a total of 40 min. and 1.5 miles which it says it burns 224 calories. Not bad for an old lady after working all day...

Re: Exercise Question

Ok now, don't try acting like you're THAT old. LOL! I think everyone here should know you're like the energizer bunny. :)

Hey everyone... she moves around so much... she makes me tired just watching her! LOL!

Re: Exercise Question

Yes, aimee...must be all that "good fuel" I put in my tank...(lol)...I'm thinking of hooking you to my belt and walking around all day...I bet you'd get your exercise in, too.... I can pick on aimee since she is my "favorite daughter".......LOL..right aimee?????

Re: Exercise Question

LOL! Well at least you got the "favorite" part right. Now you've just gotta teach dad that part. He always leaves it out when I call. :)

Oh, and you wouldn't want to hook me to your belt. It's hard to drag dead weight. Might hurt your back.

Re: Exercise Question

OK, this will sound weird, but when I walk on the treadmill listening to my mp3 player, I HAVE to walk to the beat of the music, I can't just pick a speed and go.

So, I walk to the speed of whatever song I'm on, and adjust the incline to keep my heart rate up, trying to keep it mostly around 145-50.

And I know this will sound really dorky, but I walk to ABBA -- it's so bouncy and engergizing, and has a pretty good variety of tempos to keep it interesting.

I'm looking to find some new tunes to walk to though, just to mix it up a little. Anyone have good suggestions?