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Some of my favorite foods and pts values

Hello everyone! First, let me say THANK YOU to Aimee for all of the hard work that you put into this website and please never give up on your dreams.
Okay so here's some of what my fave's are:

Uncle Wally's Smart Portion Muffins, they come in blueberry, banana, and apple cranberry. They are made with whole grains and are only 1 pt each! Very good! They also just recently added a brownie variety that is also very good and these are 3 pts for two brownies! You can find these at Super Walmart.

Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges in a variety of flavors. 1pt each

Wasa Crispbread, pts values vary according to flavor variety that you choose. I love to take 2 of these and spread one LCL cheese wedge on them.

Mrs. Freshley's Snack Away Creme filled chocolate cupcakes 2pts each and these things are awesome. I love these. I have even warmed one on the microwave just until the frosting is melted, yummm!

Walmart brand sugar free angel food cake, you can find them in the bakery area. One serving is one point and I often top it with a serving of sugar free cherry pie filling and Fat Free Reddi Whip!

Baked Tostito scoops, 2pts, great by themselves or with some salsa

Aunt Millies Fiber for Life Potato Bread, 2 slices 1pt

Fat Free Reddi Whip 0 Pts

Sugar Free Jello Pudding cups, different varieties but my fave is dolce de leche, 1pt

I have been using whole wheat pasta for a long time now but for the first time I tried the no yolk whole wheat egg noodles and my oldest son who normally comments on the texture of the whole wheat noodle had to ask if the egg noodles were regular noodles or not. He said they were good and he couldn't tell a difference. I personally like the whole wheat pasta more than regular pasta but for him to say that these noodles were good you know they had to be good! The brand was Ronzoni

La Tortilla Fat Free tortillas 1pt

Velveeta Light--great for all kinds of things

Low fat string cheese, read the labels there are some that are only 1 pt!

Fat free refried beans warmed with a slice of 2% Kraft pepperjack cheese, this is so good and tastes a lot like the bean and cheese dip that we get at the authentic mexican restaurants around here. Pay attention to the labels on your FF refried beans though and be sure you get one that is only 1 pt for half a cup so you can have this for 2 pts! Add two of those tortillas and some salsa and you've got a great lunch of bean burritos!

Ice Breakers Sours Sugar Free candies, found at most check outs, 0 pts!
Sugar Free gum, 0 pts and great for keeping your mouth busy!
Kellog's new snack size protein bars in the chocolate peanut variety. They are 2 pts each and very good. They are a little on the small side, but they taste a LOT like a snickers bar and they are quite satisfying.

Ok, so now I guess you all can tell that my weakness is mainly in the sweets area! LOL Honestly I do eat a great variety of healthy foods but I am glad to know that I can have my sweets and eat them too! I love that so many companies are making their products with whole grains, low fat, and low sugar!

Re: Some of my favorite foods and pts values

Thanks for the list Tammy. I buy a lot of the things you mentioned. Isn't Walmart the greatest? LOL! The potato bread is my favorite. :)

Re: Some of my favorite foods and pts values

Thanks for the list its always so helpful to know what others have tried and like. I have started a recipe book and have a place for all these good ideas. Yes What would we do without Our super walmart!!! And yes the chocolate cupcakes are sooooooo good I almost feel guilty eating them
I had never thought about heating them in the microwave!! Thanks I will try it!!! I love coffee but can't drink it too often so In the afternoon I have a chocolate cupcake with the fat free hot chocolate. Talk about a chocolate fix This does quite well!!

Re: Some of my favorite foods and pts values

I made up a list of groceries from SWM also. Scroll down to "took a new WW member to super Wal*Mart" Maybe you will see something that you hadn't noticed there before.
You have me curious now about the Aunt Millies Potato Bread. I will have to see if they sell it here.
I just bought the Franz Bread that is called "40 calories per slice bread." It is one point and is in the silver wrapper and it tastes good, too

Re: Some of my favorite foods and pts values

I am glad that my list was of some help to you! I really miss my WW meetings in NC because they always shared new food finds with us whether they were WW brand or not and they don't do that at the meeting I attend here. It always helps to see what everyone else is using and what they think of what they are eating!
And yes, SWM rocks!
I hope everyone is having a great evening!

Re: Some of my favorite foods and pts values

I didn't realize how different WW leaders are until we had a substitute. The sub shared more than the regular leader had in 6 months (like food finds, recipes.) I think I might try another location to see what other leaders are like.
I didn't see the Aunt Millies Potato bread at SWM. :(


Re: Some of my favorite foods and pts values


It is amazing at how different each WW leader is in the way that they run their meetings and what they choose to share with everyone.

The Aunt Millies Fiber for Life Potato Bread is normally at SWM. Maybe yours was just out of it? I usually find it either on the top bread shelf or the shelf just below it. The package is white with blue on it. Good luck! Keep looking for it. I am not sure what area you are in but if you have a Kroger near you they also carry it.