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i am soooo frustrated....

I have read several of the other posts on this site and I also am having problems losing weight. I have been doing WW since April of 2006. I have lost 30 pounds total. I was averaging 5 pounds a month until October. Since then I have only lost 5 pounds. Over Christmas we went on vacation and I gained 5 pounds. It has taken me 6 weeks to lose it, but I keep going up and down 2-3 pounds. I do keep a journal and next week I am to bring it to my meeting and the workers are going to review it. I have increased my veggie and fruit intake and that still hasn't made a difference. I have started exercizing 3 weeks ago and that hasn't made a difference either. I am so tired of losing and gaining the same 2-3 pounds. My clothing sizes haven't changed that much either. Since April I have only gone down 1 size in pants, my shirt size hasn't really changed although my belly has gotten smaller. I am almost 42 (March 9) and at one time thought I would hopefully make 50 by my birthday, it won't happen. Anyone have any suggestions? I do use my exercize points and do not use more than half of my bonus points (usually I only use around 10 of them). I am not going to quit, I have gone way too far to give up, this time I will do it, I feel I have made the lifetime change eating like I used to feels sooo unhealthy anymore. Thank for listening, I needed to vent.

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

hello leann...and let me welcome u to my world...ive been doin the same stuck in between 220 and 222...but i can tell you this i am now startin to see a difference i have been more dedicated to my exercisein..i am not doin ww...but i amd eatin healthier cuttin down on fat and calories...it will take usually about 2 to 3 weeks to see any kind of difference from exercisin...i been exercisin at least 4 to 5 times a week for 30 min a day..this is all i have to offer u..cause this i have ecperienced..i aint losin the pounds like i want but i finally seen some difference in the inches..try that ..try measurin urself waist..hips...thighs and arms...go about three to four weeks and measure ur self again..u can lose inches without seein a big difference in the weight... i know it gets frustratin...but just hang in there...i wanted to lose 20 by my b day which i sthe 20th of march..i may not make it but i know im gonna lose somethin..either inches or pounds...i feel good cause i know i am tryin...if i sit down and just give up that would make me feel awlful...so thats what i look at....good luck...email me anytime....we all can use a friend when in the weight loss battle!!!!good luck...sincerly renee

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Hi girls! I to have gone thru this and it is so frustrating! Hang in there though and it will catch up and you will be a "loser" once again!

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Hello ladies!

I saw your posts and thought I'd let you know what works for me.
1. Drink water and I mean more than the measely 6 cups that WW requires. I have a 24 oz water bottle and I try to drink 3-4 of those each day. It is amazing but if you will get in the habit of having a water bottle with you at all times then you will drink the water without even thinking about it. Before you know it you'll have drank all of your water and then some.
2. I exercise at least 5 times a week. I try to keep track of my activity points but I never use them.
3. Weigh and measure everything
4. This is a big one here, FLUCTUATE my points every day. I try not to eat the same number of points two or more days in a row. This really does work as it keeps your metabolism up. In fact, I have a good friend that was keeping to her points target exactly every day. She did good in the beginning with her weight loss but it didn't take long and she hit a road block with her weight loss. For about 3 weeks she stayed exactly the same at WI. I suggested that she start using her flex points and fluctuating her points everyday. Needless to say she was very leary and unsure of my suggestion, but she took it. It worked! She lost over 2 lbs that week. She has been doing this ever since and it has worked out great. I had a WW leader tell our class this a long time ago. She said it tricks your metabolism into constantly working. Eating the same number of points everyday will basically do the same thing that a starvation diet will do. At first you'll lose weight but then your body will say hey wait a minute I am not getting anything extra here so I am not going to give anything extra and so the weight loss stops.
5. Finally, eat throughout the day and drink your water throughout the day. It helps keep things going.
So thats what I do. Hope it helps!
Tammy B, of Ohio

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Thank you for your replies. I thought I would update you on my progress this week. I continued to stick with it again this week and finally broke through the plateau. I lost 3.4 pounds this week, and up to 32.2 pounds lost. I am so happy. Now if I could just lose the rest of it. Oh well, it will happen.

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Lea Ann
That is awesome! "Weigh" to go! Woohoo!!!

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Hey Tammy...

Thanks for the tips...I have found that if I have a water bottle at my desk and full through out the day, that it is easier to drink all your water and then some. I also add a 1/2 packet of the crystal light on the go to the water to flavor it a bit and make it more tolerable (personally, i HATE water)...

You said you exercise at least 5 times a week, what do you do?
I would love to hear tips from anyone on what their exercise regime consists of...ALWAYS up for new and exciting things to try!

Love Y'all!

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

I really needed to read your story today Lea Ann. I am so frustrated also. I have been stuck at the same wieght for the last 3 weeks and I have been really following the program and exersizing a few times per week. I think I may be using to little points. Maybe that is the reason that I am stuck. I only lost 2 pounds all together and now to be stuck for 3 weeks is very frustating!! I dread getting on the scale because I don't want to see the number not move!! I will not give up though!! Like you said nae, I have come this far and I won't stop now! I lost 24lbs 5 years ago on weight watchers and I did not think I would have so much trouble this time. I am 49 so maybe it is just harder now. I will start trying some of the tips nae mentioned. Thanks girls!!

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Keep hanging in there. I won't weigh in until Saturday, but so far I have lost approximately 4 pounds already this week. Believe me, I was extremely frustrated after being basically at the same weight for 2 months. How can it take you a week to gain 5 pounds and 6 weeks to lose it? Its kind of like gaining a pound from eating a 5 oz candy bar. It doesn't make any sense. I knew just hanging in there would be the solution, I was just extremely frustrated. I had even started exercising during this time period, so I guess I was just losing inches, I don't measure, I just weigh (and I am a very compulsive weigher at that, weiging about 5 times a day minimum). I can tell you that being over 40 makes a huge difference also. It was never as hard to lose weight as it is now. Of course, its worse now because I am motivated at this stage in my life where I wasn't before. I have never stuck with a life program like I have WW. I have been a member for almost a year. I have gone down only 1 clothing size, but I am getting close to 40 pounds lost. My family is proud of me and I am proud of myself. Thanks for responding to this board, I really appreciate the help that you have given me and letting me just vent.

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

It sounds like you are doing great Lea Ann! I will hang in there just like you did and hopefully have a good result sometime in the future!! I think these boards are the only thing keeping me going!! (Love your site Aimee!)

Re: i am soooo frustrated....


You asked what I do when I exercise. Well, I just recently joined the YMCA so when I go there I always do one of the programs on the eliptical machine for 30-35 minutes. I used to hate these machines because my whole body would be in pain. I could never do more than 5 minutes on these several years ago. Now I absolutely love it because it is basically running for me but at the same time it has some toning effects for my legs. It is an easy way for me to pick up 4 activity points. Right now since I have just started the elipticals my goal is to do a minimum of 3 miles in 35 minutes. Then I also do some weight training. I don't want to be muscle bound for say but I do need toning and muscle burns fat so I'm all for it!
On days that I can't make it to the Y, then I work out on my treadmill keeping the speed at 3.5 or higher and the incline at 6.5 or higher. I also have an exercise ball and some dumbells that I use when I workout at home. I love the exercise ball you can do so many things with it!
For me, these things seem to work. When I first started though I started at a zero incline on my treadmill and my speed was about 2.5 and my time was only about 20 minutes. As my body got used to it I gradually added more time, speed, and incline, but only one at a time!
My personal philosophy on exercise is that it is better for you to start out slow and light and then gradually add to your workout. If not, then you'll burn out quickly and not want to continue, which is what my problem was in the past. I have been exercising for over a year now and I have never stuck with any type of exercise program like that before. I can finally say for the first time in my life that I love to exercise!
Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from others on what they do for their workout.

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Thanks Tammy!

Wow, you really book it girl!!!

I am a member of my local YMCA as well...I have a hard time on the eliptical because of my weight, it's really aqward when i use it...i feel like i'm being shot up and down, but perhaps i was doing it wrong???

I have heard it is best to weight train first, because when you strength train you burn out your carbs first, which is essential, once you burn out the carbs (first) then you burn your fat on the eleptical/treadmill (second). If you do more cardio than you can handle then you start to burn muscle.
But when you strength train first, and then go to do your cardio, you have more energy to work out and you are burning pure fat because the carbs were burned during srength training.

Re: i am soooo frustrated....

Hi Vanessa!

I didn't book it over night believe me! Just start out slow and make sure when you are doing the eliptical you are moving your feet in a forward motion vs a backward motion. You can do both but the backward motion is a lot harder. Also you can adjust the incline on the elipticals too so maybe try lowering it until you get used to it. There's no race to win on those things! Just do what you are comfortable with.
Also, I have heard different things about the weight training first vs cardio and vise versa. Our Y usually has a waiting list for the only 2 elipticals that they have so I weight train sometimes before, sometimes after and sometimes both just depending on when it is my turn for the eliptical. I figure so long as it isn't affecting my cardio workout then the important thing for me personally is just that I am doing it regardless of what order I do it. I guess maybe in time I'll find it better one way or another and chose to be more strict with it but for now I am just happy to be doing it.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Way to Go!!

Hello everyone.....
I joined ww approximately 9 weeks ago and I am down 14 pounds, with ups and downs also. I'm sure I too will hit the plataeu! I was reading these messages and found myself compelled to join in.
everyone is so inspirational!! Thanks!!

I have been exercising at a local atheletic club for more than 2 years.

What I wanted to say is that all of you are right on!! Keep it up.

Some ideas I have:

One of you mentioned that our body gets used to the calories/points that we use and we should flucuate our calories/points. I totally agree!!
I have talked to some nutitionist and health instructors and they to agree with that. But keep in mind that it also goes for working out. Our bodies get used to the same exercises too!! So, we need to mix it up!! The other benefit to this is that we won't get bored at doing the same thing all the time. Most facilities have group classes. Join them. Join the spinning class too! Everyday do something different, but make sure you get the cardio in one way or another.
These are all things that work for me and keep me going.
One of the best things about going to a facility is meeting new people AND everyone is there for the same reason!! The instructors always have great advice in how to keep yourself going, not to mention help you to continually push yourself to the next level. Of course we all have to start off slow. Every class allows you to do want you can, but the instructors will push you to the next level. If you can't get to a gym... Find it deep down inside to push yourself one more level the next day... Mix it up!! You may find out that there are several new exercises you enjoy!!

Thanks to Aimee for setting this all up!! What a great way to get inspired!!