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Dance Dance Revolution

I have ordered the Dance Dance Revolution, Of which you used to do your workout, and I was wanting to know how you calculate the amount of calories you burned.


Hessmer, LA

Re: Dance Dance Revolution

Which version did you get? I have Ultramix 3 for Xbox, and it calculates them for you if you do "Workout Mode."

Its so much fun even if I am HORRIBLE and uncoordinated

Re: Dance Dance Revolution

I love DDR. :) Yep, workout mode is the only way it will keep track of your calories, but it's cool. You can tell it how many calories you want to burn, and will let you know when you've reached your goal. It also keeps track of your workouts. If you haven't done DDR before, I suggest starting with the lessons. :) I was awkward at it in the beginning, but I got better with time. I haven't been able to do DDR since I gained my weight back (my joints hurt too much), but I'm looking forward to when I can do it again.